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AG Home Improvement Inc provides professional window & door replacement & installation.

Whether you’re renovating your home or building from the ground up, we’ve got what you’re looking for. New doors and windows can be a major investment, but if you choose wisely, you’re rewarded with better light, comfort, added security and energy efficiency.

We offer:

  • Andersen window and patio door installation.
  • Harvey vinyl window and patio door installation.
Andersen window
patio door installation
Harvey vinyl window


You can save up to 30% on your energy bills by installing new windows!


At AG Home Improvement Inc., we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to recommend the windows and doors that best suit your needs. With several color, style, material and size options available, your windows and doors can be definitely customized to suit your needs.


Bay and Bow Windows Bay and Bow Windows
Awning Windows Awning Windows
Casement Windows Casement Windows
Gliding Windows Gliding Windows
Pass Through Windows Pass Through Windows
Picture Windows Picture Windows
Single Double Hung Windows Single Double Hung Windows
Specialty Windows Specialty Windows

All Andersen and Harvey residential and commercial windows and doors are well known for their high quality. Whether you are working on a brand new construction project, a commercial building or replacing windows to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, AG Home Improvement will make sure you have plenty of great options to choose from.


Folding Doors Folding Doors
Entry Doors Entry Doors
French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors
Gliding Doors Gliding Doors


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A Peek into Window Replacement in Shrewsbury!

Exterior remodeling can seem like a daunting task for many, especially when it comes to window replacement. However, our remodeling company A. G. Home Improvement in Shrewsbury makes replacing windows in your home quick and easy! Here are some commonly asked questions about window replacement:

A Peek into Window Replacement in Shrewsbury

What time of year is best to replace windows?

Although window replacement is possible during any time of the year, there are benefits to replacing your windows during late spring, when the weather is warm but not hot. This makes it easy to avoid your house from getting too hot or too cold during the project.

Should I replace all my windows at once?

Most of the time, replacing all the windows in your home at once will save you money and time. However, buying windows can be a large investment, so doing the project over several years is totally normal for our customers!

How do I find a good window installer?

There is no need! The A.G Home Improvements Company in Shrewsbury is the best residential contractor for your window project, because of our trained professionals and many years of experience.

Window Installation in Shrewsbury – Why You Should Do It!

Although it might not seem like that at first, exterior remodeling can completely change the way your home feels both inside and out. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing new windows with A.G. Home Improvement in your home.

Window Installation in Shrewsbury – Why You Should Do It

Energy Efficiency

Installing new windows can put a large dent into you heating bill, because older windows tend to leak more cold and hot air into your home with. Newer windows are more airtight and energy efficient.

Home value

After a remodeling company installs new windows, your home value will go up dramatically, more than covering the cost of your renovation. This makes installing new windows a great idea for those who plan to sell their home in the future.

Reduced noise

If you live on a noisy street, installing new windows could be lifesaving because they come with new technology that keeps noise out. Installing new windows with a residential contractor in Shrewsbury could mean a world of a difference!

Window Security

New windows are much more secure because many are made with double and interlocks and stronger glass that makes your home much safer.

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